Stoneheart Products


Define the evolution of classic terracotta to the demands of today's market.

Professional quality items designed for the world of hospitality and catering, less porous and more resistant to create a pleasant and warm feeling with an elegant presentation on the table.

Like classic terracotta, "Stoneheart" allows its use in microwave, freezer, dishwasher and oven.

Stone Ashtray

Reference Color Outside diameter Height (cm) Capacity (L) Weight (Kg) Unit Box Box size (cm)
SH.72510 blanc natural blau natural  10 5,5  0,186 0,37 12 31x22x13



Other colours

Colours legend

  • lila lilac
  • verd green
  • pistatxo pistachio
  • r honey
  • b natural
  • ant anthracite
  • gr granite
  • rr red
  • blanc tot white
  • beige beige
  • xocolata chocolate